Message from Hugh Montgomery: Government Partial Shutdown

Message from Hugh Montgomery: Government Partial Shutdown

Dear Colleagues:

As I am sure you all know by now, the Congress failed to reach agreement on an FY14 spending bill.  Therefore the federal government has officially announced a partial shutdown.  Jefferson Lab will be authorized to spend only those funds that are carried forward from FY13.  The carry over funds will allow the Lab to meet its payroll for up to three weeks but will severely restrict all non-labor (materials and services, travel, etc) spending.  Due to the uncertainty associated with the length of the current shut down, the Lab is implementing a moratorium on all non-labor spending for one week effective immediately.  This includes e-Commerce, P-Cards, and purchase requisitions.  It is expected that division heads will personally manage and approve the use of P-Cards.  In accordance with guidance received yesterday from Secretary Moniz, all non essential travel should be delayed or cancelled.

It should be clearly understood that issues involving operational emergencies or that could compromise safety must be immediately dealt with and are exempt from the spending moratorium.  Division leaders should be involved in making these decisions.

The 12 GeV Project has developed its plans to deal with the shut down and further guidance can be provided by Claus Rode or Allison Lung.

If you have questions about the implementation of this moratorium, please contact Joe Scarcello or Lyn Wells.

I realize these are difficult times and I appreciate your understanding and support. We will continue to review the situation as it evolves.


Jefferson Lab