Message from Hugh Montgomery: Jefferson Lab - Sequestration

Message from Hugh Montgomery: Jefferson Lab - Sequestration

March 5, 2013

Dear Colleagues:

As you know, the federal sequestration has gone into effect.

The Department of Energy has made an analysis of sequestration and the impact it will have on DOE operations. In that scenario, Jefferson Lab could experience a reduction of as much as $4 million in the current fiscal year.

In that case, we would expect some significant impacts:

- Our initial response would be to seek reductions in the purchase of materials and supplies. This would, of course, have some adverse impacts. For instance, restoration of the lab's cryogenic supply functionality, which is needed to ensure future accelerator operability, would be affected.

- If necessary, we could implement employee furloughs for up to two weeks, which also would affect those working on the 12 GeV Upgrade project.

There is additional uncertainty because of the expiration of the Continuing Resolution on March 27. So, we will need to be patient as the FY13 budget works its way through the legislative process.

Our primary goal through this process is to preserve the mission of the lab, and so we will make every effort to minimize the impact of sequestration on our staff and on our research.

We know we can count on you to stay focused on your work, and on the safety of you and your co-workers.

Hugh Montgomery

Jefferson Lab