Message from Hugh Montgomery: JLab Senior Leadership Search Committee

Message from Hugh Montgomery: JLab Senior Leadership Search Committee

Dear Colleague,

During the past several months, Larry Cardman, Dennis Skopik and Kees
de Jager have announced their desires to step down from their
positions as Associate Director for Physics, Deputy Associate Director
for Physics and Hall A Leader, respectively.

At this stage, we are posting their positions on the Jefferson Lab
website, and we will extend an opportunity to other websites and
journals to post these positions. I also have appointed a search
committee with a distinguished membership to conduct an international
search and provide me with final recommendations for all three

The committee will be co-chaired by Don Geesaman of Argonne National
Laboratory and Bob McKeown of Jefferson Lab. Members will be Curtis
Meyer of Carnegie Melon University, Shelley Page of the University of
Manitoba, Matt Poelker of Jefferson Lab, David Richards of Jefferson
Lab and Susan Seestrom of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Our initial task is to encourage people to apply for any of the
positions for which they feel they are suited. We would also like to
hear from you about people you think should be considered. In doing
so, it is often useful to ignore any apparent affinity potential
applicants might have for their current positions. We look forward to
your help. The future of Jefferson Lab experimental physics will be
strongly affected by our success in replacing these three individuals
who have contributed so much.

You should feel that you can approach any member of the committee, the
head of Human Resources, Rhonda Barbosa or myself - in person, by
telephone or by e-mail ? with your recommendations.

Looking forward to your participation,


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