Message from Hugh Montgomery: Updated 2012 Holiday Schedule

Message from Hugh Montgomery: Updated 2012 Holiday Schedule

Dear Colleagues:

At an All Hand's meeting in November, we discussed the status of employee benefits in light of a recent Benefits Value Study required by the Lab's contract. The Benefits Value Study measures the relative value of the Lab's benefits compared to a suite of other selected organizations. The results showed that the Lab has a higher benefit offering than the comparison group and, as prescribed in the JSA Contract with DOE, a corrective action plan was required to realign our benefits with others, to reduce them. After carefully reviewing all options and consulting with the lab's senior management team, we proposed that one of the Lab's paid holidays should be sacrificed.

This proposal was accepted by the Department of Energy. In turn, thinking through Christmas, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day etc, we lighted on President's Day, which is recognized annually in February (this year on Feb. 20). Effective immediately, President's Day will no longer be a paid holiday at Jefferson Lab. Employees who still wish to recognize this day should coordinate with their supervisors and take the time as a vacation day. Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests, especially this first year, with so short notice. Following this corrective action, the Lab will observe ten paid holidays annually. The complete holiday calendar for 2012 is available online at

This decision allows Jefferson Lab to maintain a quality array of benefits for current and future employees. We also believe that it has the smallest possible impact on our employees. We will continue to review and assess all benefits in an effort to provide employees with comprehensive offerings and to keep you informed as adjustments become necessary.

Hugh Montgomery

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