A message from Jerry Draayer to the JLab community

A message from Jerry Draayer to the JLab community

I am very pleased to inform you that Stuart Henderson, current Director of the Advanced Photon Source Upgrade Project at DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory, will join us on April 3 as the Jefferson Lab Director.

Stuart will take on the leadership of the Lab as we complete the 12 GeV upgrade and continue our support for the 2015 NSAC Long Range Plan. He will bring to bear his widely recognized acumen in science and technology as well as leadership skills, as demonstrated in his current position at the APS and with his past experience at Fermilab and Oak Ridge National Lab’s Spallation Neutron Source.

Over the next months, Stuart will be working with Lab leadership to ensure a smooth transition. Special thanks from the JSA Board goes to Mont for his continued leadership during this extended search process.

Please join us in welcoming Stuart to Jefferson Lab. See the press release at: www.jsallc.org/news/JSAPR20170106.pdf

Jerry P. Draayer
Vice Chair, JSA Board of Directors