Message from Jerry Draayer/Larry Hare: Lab Director Announcement

Message from Jerry Draayer/Larry Hare: Lab Director Announcement

On behalf of Jefferson Science Associates, LLC, we are pleased to inform you that Hugh Montgomery, the Associate Director for Research at Fermilab, has been selected as the new Director of Jefferson Lab.

The JSA Board of Directors unanimously endorsed the recommendation of our search committee, and DOE officials concurred after a meeting with the candidate on Monday. "Mont" will have an official start date of September 2, allowing time for a smooth transition from his current to his new responsibilities.

As the JSA owners, we are excited about this appointment. As John Casteen, President of the University of Virginia and Chair of the JSA Board of Directors, said, Mont is "both a distinguished scientist and an experienced leader and manager within the laboratory system," and we are fortunate to have him on board as we open a new chapter in JLab's history.

We wish to express our appreciation to the 13-members of our international search committee, which was so ably chaired by Tom Appelquist of Yale University. We also are grateful for the thoughtful representation provided by Allison Lung and Rolf Ent on behalf of lab leadership. Most notably, we are indebted to Christoph, who patiently endured the search process, providing leadership and continuity during a critical time.

An appropriate introduction for the director-designate is being planned. We will keep you informed as to when that will occur. In the meantime, please join with us in welcoming Mont to JLab.

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