Message from Mike Dallas Regarding Integrated Safety Management Toolbox

Over the next couple of days, each of you will receive a small, spiral-bound notebook titled "Jefferson Lab Safety

We have produced and distributed this tool with the objective of increasing your understanding of the ES&H
(Environment, Safety & Health) resources available to everyone at Jefferson Lab. I anticipate your supervisors using
the Toolbox during daily meetings, pre-job walk downs, or in other situations where you routinely discuss ES&H
I also would urge each of you to carry it around, look at it from time to time, and discuss the contents with each
other. The material will serve as an excellent study aid as all of us prepare to interact with the DOE ISM Inspection
Team in June. It also can be used as a resource should this team ask you a question and you are unsure of the correct
answer. The Toolbox provides you with links to learn more about ISM (Integrated Safety Management), and your rights and
responsibilities as a JLab employee, user or subcontractor.

Please take the time to become familiar with this information, as it all plays an important role in helping us work

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