MSExcel 2007 and MSPowerpoint 2007

MSExcel 2007 and MSPowerpoint 2007

With the Lab-wide replacement of MSOffice 2003 and a very different MS Office 2007 going live in early March, many employees have requested an on-site class in one of the office suite's major components. To meet the request, training classes in both MS Excel 2007 and MS Powerpoint 2007 will be offered on March 5, 2008 in VARC 47. Each class is 3 1/2 hours and emphasizes the differences between the 2003 and 2007 versions. Cost will vary from $90 - $125 depending on participation. Class size is capped at 12.

Register at and select "All On-site Training." Allow for the page to load, select the class of your choice, and follow the prompts. All registrations must be accompanied with a completed JRT form for $125 and sent to the Training Office, MS 28D.

Direct any questions to Bruce Ullman at or extension x7170.

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