National Instruments online training and training credits offering

National Instruments online training and training credits offering

The lab has entered into an Enterprise Agreement with National Instruments (NI) to offer online training and training credits for those interested in attending instructor led web or classroom sessions on the latest NI tools.

Self-paced online training is recommended for those individuals needing refresher training, people without a scheduled LabVIEW project, people who prefer self-paced training, and people with limited time during business hours.

Instructor led training is recommended for people currently using LabVIEW or who plan to use it soon and training is not offered in self-paced online training.

Self-Paced Online Training

There are 13 courses available through our self-paced online training channel. Online training does not require the use of any credits.

  1. To access online training, first create a user profile on with a email address. Once completed, please allow the system to update overnight before trying to access the training.
  2. Go to Log in with your user profile associated with a email address. Select the "Access Training" button.
    1. If you have issues or questions, email “” and provide your name, e-mail, phone number, and Service ID EA-15685.
  3. Once you enter the Online Training environment, you will see your "Available Courses".  From this page, you can watch video modules, track your completion status of those videos, and download course exercises and solutions. Click the “Training History” tab to see your module completion history.

Instructor Led Training

For more information about what courses you should take based on the skills you need, please review the LabVIEW Skills Guide.

For information on instructor led classes, check the NI website at National Instruments Classes or call NI at 1.888.484.4436.

You can also see what classes are offered in your area.

Once you have determined which course you would like to take, please submit a JRT form to Brandye Rogers at with your name, course number, title and when it is available regionally.