New Division at JLab

New Division at JLab

Dear Colleagues,

The start of the new fiscal year on October 1 brings about the start of two new divisions at Jefferson Lab — the Free-Electron Laser Division and the Information Technology (IT) Division. The creation of these Divisions was proposed as part of the JSA contract with DOE for the management of the Lab. The FEL Division is being formed from the Accelerator Division's FEL Department. Fred Dylla, the Lab's Chief Technology Officer, is now also the Associate Director of the FEL Division, reporting to the Chief Scientist. The IT Division is being formed from a combination of the CIO's groups and the Physics Division's Computer Center and Electronic Media with the goal of enhancing the effective and efficient use of IT across the Lab. The Lab's Chief Information Officer, Roy Whitney, is now the IT Division leader, reporting to the Chief Operating Officer.

The structure of the FEL division will remain unchanged from its current organization. George Neil will serve as the Deputy Division Head and Gwyn Williams will serve as the Division Safety Officer and also continues with his role as the Basic Research Manager. Michael Kelley continues as the Applied Research Manager and Industrial Liaison. Jim Boyce will continue to assist Fred in all matters pertaining to the Lab's technology transfer program and chairs the Technical Review Committee. To see the FEL organization go to

The IT Division is being organized into four groups: Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) lead by Andy Kowalski, Electronic Media (EM) lead by Shannan Kyte, Management Information Systems (MIS) lead by Kari Heffner, and Scientific Computing (SciComp) lead by Chip Watson. Chip will also serve as Deputy CIO/IT Division leader. To see the IT Division organization look up

There are some responsibility changes also occurring in the IT Division as it is formed. Most of the former Computer Center activities will be in the CNI group with the large computing farms, mass storage and associated systems moving to the SciComp group. The CIO High Performance Computing group is moving into the SciComp group. Electronic Media will continue with that title and function. The Information Resources group will report to the Deputy CIO. The CIO MIS group is also being moved to the IT Division. The Data Acquisition group will remain in the Physics Division.

These two new divisions will help improve the visibility of of these important functions both inside and outside of the Lab.

Christoph Leemann


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