New E-commerce System to be Rolled Out on Jan. 9

New E-commerce System to be Rolled Out on Jan. 9

Jan. 3, 2013

The lab is preparing to roll out a new e-commerce system lab-wide on Jan. 9.

During 2012, MIS and Procurement started migrating to the new e-commerce system hosted externally by Government Scientific Source (GSS). The GSS application will replace Webstock, which was internally developed and maintained by lab staff.

A milestone was achieved on Dec. 17, when a limited-scope system implementation of the new system occurred for a small group of JLab e-commerce users. This group will continue initial testing of the new system until Wednesday, Jan. 9. On that day, the new e-commerce system will be rolled out lab-wide. GSS staff will be onsite that day to provide training sessions. The location and times for the sessions will be announced as soon as details are worked out.

GSS staff also will attend the JLab Vendor and Safety Fair on Thursday, Jan. 10 to provide support and answer questions. GSS will then provide additional support as needed.

The Webstock application will be officially retired in February.

Updated: the link to the new E-Commerce & Stockroom Withdrawal system is now live:


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