New ESH Suggestion Line

September 18, 2006

Dear Coworkers,

JLab has put in place an additional path for you to communicate safety concerns or suggestions for improvements in the area of ESH. Please, read the below message and help us to become aware quickly of concerns or opportunities for improvement.

Christoph Leemann

An Easy, New Way to Communicate ESH Suggestions and Issues

Safety is critical to us personally as staff, users, and contractors and to Jefferson Lab's continued success as a forefront research facility. A safe work environment requires all of us to be vigilant, proactive and even creative in identifying and remedying behaviors, situations or procedures that could be unsafe.

For this reason, Jefferson Lab has established an ESH Suggestion Line at 269-7000 to allow staff onsite to call attention to issues or make suggestions that will improve safety, safety awareness or enhance our safety culture. The messages left on this new ESH Suggestion Line - extension 7000 - will go directly to a voice mailbox. An ESH&Q representative will retrieve and log the message, call you to confirm receipt (unless your call was anonymous) within one business day. The matter will be assigned to the appropriate manager for resolution. Each individual will be provided feedback and those suggestions and resolutions that are of wide interest to Lab staff and users will be posted on the ESH&Q page ( without identification, unless authorized by the caller.

The suggestion line is meant to be used in addition to existing channels of communication. Remember that the preferred way to address ESH matters is to report concerns or suggestions for improvement directly to your supervisor or safetywarden. If circumstances do not allow that, contact the ESH&Q division directly or use the concerns process documented in the ESH&Q manual found on the web at

I encourage each of you to think critically and creatively about safety in your work area and around the Lab and use the tools available to you, including the new ESH Suggestion Line, to make a difference.

Caution: The new ESH Suggestion Line is not for time-critical safety issues or for cases where imminent danger exists. You should address any immediate, serious safety concern to your supervisor directly or, if necessary invoke your Stop Work authority.


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