New JLab Requirement for SAF100 - ES&H Orientation Training

New JLab Requirement for SAF100 - ES&H Orientation Training

Jefferson Lab's SAF100, ES&H Orientation, has been revised to reflect current expectations and operations.  All staff, students, users, joint and bridge appointees, and contract staff* are required to retake this training at this time.**

The updated version of this ES&H Orientation course is available from:  (SAF 100 is the first course listed under the ES&H subhead).

In addition to taking SAF100 at this time, this course now has a three-year re-qualification period. You will be required to re-take this course every three years.

If you have not completed this course as of June 1, 2012, your SAF100 training will expire and your JLab badge will not allow you access to JLab facilities and controlled-entry work areas until the course has been completed.

*Contract staff means the individual contractors managed by Procurement.

**This version of SAF100 was published on Feb. 3, 2012; if you have taken this course since then, your SAF100 training is and will remain current until 2015.

You may review your training record by signing in to the "Training-related Skills" link in your Personal Information portlet on INSIGHT. (The Personal Information portlet is in the left-hand column, under your My Bookmarks portlet.)


Thank you very much for your attention to this training matter.
Mary Logue
ESH&Q Division Associate Director
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
12050 Jefferson Ave, Suite 602
Newport News, VA 23606


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