New Phone Number to Contact JLab Security

New Phone Number to Contact JLab Security

If you need to report a medical emergency at Jefferson Lab, picking up any lab land-line phone and dialing 9-911 or 911 will automatically connect you to the:
City of Newport News
Emergency Dispatch Center
(Police, Fire, & Ambulance)

If the 911 call is dialed from a land-line phone, the following JLab staff are also automatically alerted:
- JLab Security
- Occupational Medicine
- Other key JLab Responders

If the 911 call was dialed from a cell phone you will also need to call JLab Security at 757-269-5822.
This call is necessary to alert the Security Guards so they can be ready to escort the Emergency Responders to the scene as quickly as possible.

Note: JLab does not own the number formerly used to contact Security (757-269-4444). That number has been retired from use at JLab, and is being eliminated from all lab documentation. To contact JLab Security, please use: 757-269-5822.

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