New Remote Access Feature for Performance Appraisals

New Remote Access Feature for Performance Appraisals

We have devised a system that will accommodate requests to access the Performance Appraisal system offsite. However, to obtain remote access and ensure the security of the information, the use of a two-factor authentication is required. In addition to the standard JLab password, employees logging in to the Appraisal System off-site will be prompted to enter a four-digit PIN.

Employees with a JLab pager can request their PIN be delivered via pager, using a web button that is available off-site only and is located on the Performance Appraisal page. Employees without a JLab pager who want to access the system remotely should contact Gretchen Kadesch at ext. 7663 to obtain their PIN.

As a reminder: performance appraisal information is personnel-sensitive, and, starting this year, should only be written or accessed via this application. It should no longer be placed on temporary storage media, such as thumb-drives, floppy drives, CDs, etc. In addition, it should not be sent through attachments to email. Any hard copies should be marked personnel-sensitive. See for a full description of how to handle sensitive information.

Finally, time is running out to complete the Performance Appraisal training. If you have not registered, please take this opportunity to do so as the last session will be held Friday, August 10th. For registration, go to the INSIGHT Page and click on the NEW Performance Appraisal System and Training Schedule link.


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