New Street, Building & Informational Signs Going Up at JLab

New Street, Building & Informational Signs Going Up at JLab

Jefferson Lab is getting new street, building and informational signs. Installation of the new signs began in late March. All work should be completed by mid-April.

The new street signs should make it easier for visitors, vendors and new staff and users to make their way around the lab and will present a more uniform, recognizable appearance.

As the new signs are installed, the old blue signs and temporary PVC-pipe signs are being removed.

Some important changes taking place in conjunction with the new signs include:
-- Jefferson Lab's main entrance on Jefferson Ave has been changed to Lawrence Drive. The Lawrence Drive name applies to the entire access road that parallels Jefferson Ave. Onnes Drive no longer exists. The City of Newport News has replaced the Onnes Drive sign on Jefferson Avenue with a new sign designating Lawrence Drive (east to Jefferson Lab) and west to Muller.

-- Previously unnamed and unlabeled connector roads (like the North and South Connector Roads just north and south of CEBAF Center) have been officially named Pauli Drive and Kelvin Drive, respectively, and now have street signs.

-- The VARC, Building 28, has been renamed the Support Service Center.

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