No Passing on Lab Roads: Important Safety Reminder

No Passing on Lab Roads: Important Safety Reminder

Passing motorized, moving vehicles on Jefferson Lab roads is prohibited. The Administrative Manual, chapter 301.06 Traffic & Parking Management, section 2.1 states:

"The entire JLab property site shall be designated a "No Passing Zone". Any passing of a moving motorized vehicle is prohibited. ..."

The Worker Safety Committee has been made aware of several instances recently where employees operating forklifts across the site, encountered poor driving behavior by other drivers – behavior that could easily result in vehicle accidents, injury to individuals and/or damage to the valuable and sensitive equipment being moved on the forklifts. Forklifts were being passed at intersections and on curves on the Accelerator Site LINAC road.

With construction continuing across the Lab into the autumn and through next spring, there will be many instances of non-JLab drivers in a variety of vehicles traveling on Lab roads.  Be mindful you could come across drivers who aren’t familiar with the Lab’s traffic policy or sharing the road with forklifts and golf carts.

Protect yourself and other drivers:
-Follow all posted traffic signs.
-Don’t pass moving, motorized vehicles on lab roads.
-Watch out for vehicles near construction zones and for drivers who appear to be lost (they probably are).

This month’s Integrated Safety Management (ISM) poster reminds all vehicle operators that Jefferson Lab is a NO PASSING zone. Please post this information in your work areas and share it with staff, visitors, subcontractors and regular delivery drivers. Paper copies of the poster may be picked up at the Copy Center (CEBAF Center, room F114). It may be downloaded from (far right column):

Violators of the Lab’s traffic and parking rules can be ticketed and could lose their Lab driving privileges for a period of time.

Traffic and Parking Management concerns or questions should be directed to the Facilities Management and Logistics Division at ext. 7400.