Non-JLab Badge Holders must enter CEBAF Center through main entrance

Non-JLab Badge Holders must enter CEBAF Center through main entrance

Since January 3, 2006, the lobby, cafeteria, auditorium, conference rooms, hallways, and restrooms in CEBAF Center have been designated a "public area" during core business hours. Other CEBAF Center areas including the Computer Center and private offices are not included in this public area. The following procedures must be followed in order to maintain this public area designation:

  • Anyone without a JLab ID badge must enter CEBAF Center using the main entrance near the CEBAF Center reception desk. During regular workdays 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., visitors do not have to sign-in or show picture ID. The receptionists or designated conference staff at the main entrance will assist visitors to enter the building and provide directions.
  • Individuals with a JLab badge may use their personal badge to enter the electronically controlled doors at the building's wings but they are not to let in anyone without a badge. Individuals without JLab badges have been observed entering CEBAF Center through doors other than the main entrance door as described by the above procedure. All staff and Users are reminded to direct all non-badge holders to the main entrance.

JLab staff and Users may escort visitors via primary and secondary doors to CEBAF Center. After primary business hours, visitors must be under the immediate escort of a JLab photo-badge-holder who is serving as the visitors' host.

During special events the general public shall come through the main entrance and access only public areas in CEBAF Center, unless visitors are directly escorted by a JLab photo-badge-holder serving as the visitors' host.

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