Notify Work Coordinators Before Working in/Entering Halls

Remember to Notify Work Coordinators Before Working in/Entering Hall A, B, C & D

The Worker Safety Committee reminds all members of the Jefferson Lab community that they must notify the appropriate experimental hall Work Coordinator (WC) – for Hall A, B, C or D – in advance of doing any work in that hall or in advance of taking any materials or equipment into or out of that hall.

Hall Work Coordinators ask to be notified by phone call at least one full business day in advance of any new work to be carried out by lab staff, members of the Users community, or subcontractors. SOTRs should provide coordination for their assigned subcontractors.

Work Coordinators also need to be notified in advance of any material and/or equipment deliveries being made to their respective halls.

Each Work Coordinator defines the rules for all NEW work, which are dependent on the character of the work. These particular rules may specify what equipment delivery or replacements should be coordinated in advance and what can be replaced on an as-needed basis. 

If a day’s notice is not feasible, notify the Work Coordinator by phone call as soon as possible, and always get a verbal ok and answer any questions or requests for additional information before entering any hall.

Ensuring that the Hall Work Coordinator is informed is critical for worker and equipment safety, and for adequate coordination as schedules for all four halls remain tight.

Hall Work Coordinators:

Hall A:
Jessie Butler
Cell: 757-768-1302

Hall B:
Doug Tilles
Cell: 757-810-9576

Hall C:
Walter Kellner
Cell: 757-592-1527

Hall D:
Tom Carstens
Cell: 757-876-3940