Occ Med Can Help Make Your Lifting Jobs Safer More Efficient

Occupational Medicine Can Help Make Your Lifting Jobs Safer, More Efficient

If you are a supervisor or a worker faced with a job that requires lifting – any type of lifting, and you would like to make the job more efficient and safer – contact Occupational Medicine and request an Industrial Ergonomics Consultation. Lifting is something all of us do – every day – often without giving it a thought. But, in an instant, lifting something heavier than anticipated or bulky or when we aren’t paying attention to our footing, body position or breathing, can quickly result in pain and injury to our back.

It does not matter what the weight is – if a new task will require lifting, or a worker would like to reduce back strain and repetitive injury, or an aspect of a task requires repetitive lifting, pushing and pulling, lifting or carrying bulky or oddly shaped items, moving items from one height to another – Dr. Smitty Chandler, JLab’s Occupations Medicine Director, will evaluate the work and provide suggestions for improving and enhancing efficiency, preventing injury and addressing concerns about potentially unsafe tasks.

In addition, in an informative talk on the Steps to Safe Lifting that Dr. Chandler will present to groups upon request, he reminds his audience that there is a 40 pound limit on how much any person at Jefferson Lab may lift (unassisted). He discusses how easy it is to underestimate the weight of an object, and provides guidance on how to calibrate a person’s sensations to a known 40 pound weight.  The talk takes less than 20 minutes and includes a short video of Worker Safety Committee member Sahin Arslan, Physics Division, demonstrating proper lifting techniques.

The short program allows individuals to pause and think about lifting in the context of the work they do and the steps – some quite simple – that can be taken to make a job more efficient and safer.

To schedule an Industrial Ergonomics Consultation, or Dr. Chandler’s safe lifting talk for a group, call Johnie Banks, Occupational Medicine at 269-7539 or email jbanks@jlab.org.