ODH Postings for Buildings 200 & 204 Changing as of Dec. 12

ODH Postings for Buildings 200 & 204 Changing as of Dec. 12

Dec. 12, 2012

Effective immediately, preparations for the cool down of the Jefferson Lab Hall D solenoid magnet requires the use of a Temporary Operational Safety Procedure (TOSP) when entering the Hall D Tagger Hall (Building 204) and/or the Tagger Service Building (Building 200).

During this work, the ODH postings for these facilities will move intermittently between ODH-0 and ODH-1.

Please be aware of the changing ODH classifications of these areas.

Before entering these areas, read and follow all relevant postings and read and sign the applicable TOSP. This document, ENP-12-19365-TOSP, is posted at: https://www.jlab.org/div_dept/cio/mis/operational_safetty_procedure_form_19365.pdf

To acknowledge that you have read and understand the TOSP, send an email to Tim Whitlatch at whitey@jlab.org. This must be done BEFORE you enter Building 200 or Building 204. (This meets the "signing" requirement.)

Until further notice, avoid Buildings 200 and 204 unless you need to perform work there.

Questions should be directed to Tim Whitlatch, phone 757-876-1766 or email whitey@jlab.org

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