Open House - General Cleanup

Lab-wide Open House & General Cleanup Set for April 14-22

Jefferson Lab will hold a lab-wide spring cleanup April 14-22 (a Thursday through the following Friday) in advance of the April 30 Open House. The cleanup will involve all divisions and all employees.

Managers are responsible for ensuring the participation of their individual departments and work centers. The goal is to clean up individual and group work areas, as well as to remove scrap wood, cardboard, metals, trash and any excess items that may have piled up over time both indoors and out.

Special attention is requested to all areas – indoors and out – that will be traveled on or by, or be visible to the public during the April 30 Open House.  This includes:

CEBAF Center: Main entrance, both atriums and first floor lobby; first floor F Wing, and the first floor A and C Wing hallways.

              The CC Circle and the SURA walkway to the TED, Bldg. 55.

TED, Bldg. 55: Overhang/entrance and first floor lobby, and the courtyard – to walk to Conference Room 1227.

Test Lab, Bldg. 58: Conference Room 1227 and adjacent hallway, the High Bay and cavity processing and cryomodule assembly areas and the High Bay roll-up door driveway area.

             The asphalt pad behind the TED and Test Lab and Cornell Univ. Road.

             The east side of the EEL, Bldg. 90, and the Test Lab: Facing the sidewalk along Hadron Drive.

Machine Control Center (MCC), Bldg. 85: The entrance and CEBAF Control Room and hallway to the restrooms and water fountain.

Accelerator Site: Outdoors around Buildings 85, 87 and 89; south and east sides of Bldg. 23; north side of Bldg. 36; and the accelerator loop road and CEBAF Blvd. The stairwell buildings used for tunnel tour access: Bldgs. 4, 70, 7 and 37.

              Central Helium Liquefier (CHL), Bldg. 8: Frontage along CEBAF Blvd.

Low Energy Recirculator Facility (LERF), Bldg. 18: entrance, first and second floor lobby areas, 2nd floor restrooms, elevator, labyrinth, accelerator vault, truck ramp, first floor lobby back door and the parking lot and laydown area between the LERF and Bldg. 38.

Hall D Counting House and Hall D, Bldgs. 200/203: to include the stairwell and truck ramp, Bethe Drive and the parking lot and paved area from the truck ramp to the parking lot.

Hall A and Hall C: to include their respective truck ramps and the paved area between Halls A and C and the Physics Storage Building, Bldg. 72. (Some materials in this area won’t be moved: pipes/shielding blocks).

Physics Storage Building, Bldg. 72: the paved area in front of the Physics Storage Building.

The cleanup also provides an excellent time to identify and remove excess items. Contact the Property Office at ext. 7348/7025 for the removal of excess and unused equipment, furniture and materials. This includes nonfunctioning uninterruptible power supply (UPS) boxes, which are considered property; contact the Property office for disposal of UPS boxes.  Keep in mind: All property to be excessed must be submitted for processing through:

During the cleanup, please keep recyclable material streams separated. In other words, wood scrap, recyclable metals, cardboard, paper and other permissible recyclable office waste should go into the proper collection containers at the Central Materials Storage Area (CMSA). General waste is to be collected and brought to the CMSA’s “trash” compactor.

For those who do not have access to the CMSA, the gate will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 14-22 (except April 16-17, Saturday and Sunday) for your convenience.

The cleanup is not optional. Everyone is expected to participate.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Mike Lewellen, ext. 7169 or or Danielle Tarver, exts. 7025/7348 or email

This message is being sent on behalf of Jefferson Lab Facilities Management and Logistics.