Overtime Pay - A Message from Mike Dallas, JLab COO

Overtime Pay - A Message from Mike Dallas, JLab COO


It has come to our attention that some managers and supervisors are inconsistently applying the Lab's policy in how to administer overtime pay. Administration Policy 206.03, Overtime Pay http://www.jlab.org/hr/Admin_Manual/200/206.03.html#C states, "overtime pay shall be paid to a non-exempt employee for each hour actually worked in excess of forty (40) hours in a payroll week."

As there is no alternative interpretation of this policy, please continue working your assigned schedule being aware that our current pay policies do not permit compensatory time as a form of payment for overtime. All actual hours worked within the 40 hour week will be paid at each staff member's regular rate of pay. For non-exempt staff, actual hours worked over the 40 hour week must be recorded and will be paid at a commensurate overtime rate in accordance with JLab policy and Department of Labor requirements. All overtime hours for hourly employees shall be approved by your Supervisor prior to being worked.

We will begin a series of audits in the next few days to ensure total compliance with this policy. Our audit team will be able to assist you in ensuring full understanding of the policy and compliance.

We are also reviewing our policy for possible future implementation of compensatory time.

If you have any questions regarding this communication, please contact Human Resources immediately for clarification.

Mike Dallas
Chief Operating Officer


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