Pager System Upgrade

Pager System Upgrade

Because of the diminishing availability and reliability of the pager frequency that we currently use (157 MHz), Jefferson Lab is migrating to a new pager system that will use the 900 MHz frequency. After a competitive bidding process, Skytel was selected as our new paging vendor, and we will begin transitioning to the new service within the next month.

Paging with the New System
Previously, each pager had a unique local phone number. The new system will employ a toll-free main number for all Jefferson Lab pagers: 1-866-474-5522 (JLAB). Although the system functions in much the same way as the older system, it does feature a voice prompt and instructions for each entry. 

Alphanumeric pages may also be sent from the staff search page and by e-mail. The e-mail address will be of the form

In addition, individual toll-free numbers, Simple Network Paging Protocol and modem support are also provided. For access to these services, contact Dawn McGinnis, x7206. 
Distribution of New Pagers
Old pagers may be brought to F226 from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m., according to the schedule below, and turned in for a new pager. New pagers will be operational as of distribution.
Order of Distribution
Monday, March 23   Extensions 5000-5999
Tuesday, March 24   Extensions 6000-6999
Wednesday, March 25   Extensions 7000-7999
Thursday, March 26   All others/Makeup Day

Installation of Additional Equipment
Additional repeaters will be installed onsite and in the accelerator tunnel and experimental halls to ensure reliable delivery of pages to all areas onsite. This work will take place during the upcoming accelerator shutdown in March. 

If you have any questions about how this upgrade will impact your work, contact Dawn McGinnis, x7206.


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