Parking and Cafe Changes to Accommodate Cyber Summit

Sept. 18-23: JLab Road, Parking and Cafe Changes to Accommodate Cyber Summit at JLab

Jefferson Lab is honored to be the venue for the Cyber Physical Systems Summit starting Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016 and continuing through Thursday, Sept. 22. More than 200 Information Technology professionals and a small number of news media members will attend this three-day meeting. The Governor of Virginia is scheduled to attend a portion of the summit on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

The Cyber Summit will take place in the CEBAF Center auditorium and the main lobby and atrium areas. Some breakout meetings are scheduled to take place in Rooms L102 and F113 on Tuesday, Sept. 20.

Please be mindful of the following changes:

Closure of Kelvin Drive and the CEBAF Center Visitor Parking Lot

Kelvin Drive will be closed on Sunday evening, Sept. 18 and will re-open no later than Friday, Sept. 23. Kelvin Dr. will be closed from Lawrence Drive to the CEBAF Center parking lot entrance; this includes closure of the Visitor Parking Lot on Kelvin Dr. Vehicles left in the visitor lot on Sunday night will be subject to towing. On Monday a large tent, which will be used for Cyber Summit events, will be erected in the visitor lot.

Restricted Parking in CEBAF Center’s Main Parking Lot

Tuesday through Thursday, Sept. 20-22, the main CEBAF Center parking lot will be closed; only individuals with Cyber Summit parking passes will be authorized to park in the lot.  A security guard will be posted at the CEBAF Center lot to assist visitor parking and redirect employees if necessary.  Lab staff should use alternate parking between CEBAF Center and the Support Service Center (Rutherford Road) and the ARC building’s overflow parking lots along Hofstadter Road and Lawrence Drive.

If you encounter a lost guest, please courteously help them find their way back to the public areas in CEBAF Center – the CEBAF center auditorium and atrium.  Lab staff should anticipate some disruption in normal traffic flow on Wednesday while the Governor arrives and departs from the lab and be mindful of directions given by security personnel.

Quark Cafe Service and Dining Area

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, Quark Cafe will be open as usual for breakfast and lunch.  However, the atrium dining area will be reserved for the Cyber Summit.  Lab staff should use CEBAF Center Conference Room F113 for breakfast and lunch dining that day.  To accommodate the cafeteria staff workload during the event, a somewhat reduced list of menu items will be offered during lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  See the weekly cafeteria menu on INSIGHT for details. There will be no Recharge Wednesday.

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