Parking and Campus-Wide Access to JLab on April 20

Parking and Campus-Wide Access to JLab on April 20

This Saturday, April 21st, is the Jefferson Lab Open House. There are activities that will impact the entire JLab campus on Friday, April 20th as final preparations are made for the event. You also need to be aware of access to the entire JLab campus and parking requirements for Saturday April 21st.

  1. Parking for the Applied Research Center (ARC) building will be blocked off on Thursday evening in order to erect the large tent for cryogenic shows and so that food vendors can pre-position their food stations. The plan is for the tent to be disassembled on Monday morning by 9 am (depending on weather and availability of the City of Newport News work staff).
  2. Access to the entire JLab campus for those staff members working the Open House on Saturday, April 21st, will be arranged by showing your Open House volunteer badge. You will receive this badge at the volunteer meeting on Thursday, April 19th at 2 pm in the CEBAF Center auditorium. You should also wear your Jefferson Lab identification badge. If you have family members that are volunteering with you, they may accompany you.
  3. Parking for volunteers: Park in the CEBAF Center parking lot, VARC parking lot, behind the Test Lab and EEL, behind the experimental halls, behind the MCC, in front of the CHL and behind the FEL. Do not park in the experimental hall physics storage area, across from the MCC on the access road to the experimental halls or along the bus route.
  4. Access to the site for those individuals who are reporting for work on Saturday April 21st who are not volunteering and are not on the JLab volunteer list must have their supervisor notify Mike Lewellen ( by noon on Friday April 20th so that you can be placed on the Saturday access list. You must enter the JLab campus from Hogan Road and present your Jefferson Lab identification badge to the guards monitoring access to the site. Any family members wishing to attend the Open House must be dropped off at Canon parking lot. They will not be able to accompany you to your work site,
  5. All staff are reminded that large busses and pedestrian traffic will cover the site and this year walking will be allowed on the accelerator site using the new sidewalk from the accelerator entrance point to the FEL. Take special care when driving.

Questions should be directed to Linda Ware, or x7689.

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