Performance Appraisal Process Begins

Performance Appraisal Process Begins Today, 9/27/2016

Jefferson Lab's performance review cycle is October 1 - September 30 each year.  This year's performance appraisal process begins Tuesday, September 27, 2016.  All supervisors should go into the Performance Appraisal system and activate their employees' performance appraisals.  

Core Expectations: 

Over the past year there has been increased communication and value placed on the importance of recognizing and integrating Diversity & Inclusion Management into our daily activities and the culture at large for JLab.  In recognition of this, the core expectations have been revised. Additional details and  guidance is provided on the Performance Appraisal website pertaining to behaviors associated with diversity/inclusion and respect to assist employees and line management in assessing this core expectation.  Follow these links to review the Lab's Diversity & Inclusion Policy as well as other diversity related information.

Supervisors should take a moment to:

  • Review performance expectations from the previous year as they are activating the appraisals.
  • Coordinate any matrixed feedback for those employees who have been supporting other groups outside their home unit.
  • Update the employee's Skill Requirements List (SRL) via the Job Task Analysis tool. 

Once activated by the Supervisor, Employees will receive an email indicating that their appraisal is active and ready for completion:

  • Complete self-assessment for the core and technical expectations.
  • Add comments in the designated box.
  • Review safety training.
  • Submit your self-assessment.

For more details on commonly asked questions pertaining to the performance appraisal and promotion process, visit the HR web page under the Performance Appraisal link

To access the complete Performance Appraisal and Promotion schedules click here

In the event you are away from the Lab and need to access your performance appraisal, you may do so by obtaining a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from Brandye Rogers (x5959), Marie Burrell (x7663), or Bruce Ullman (x7170).