Policy Changes: Transport of Lab Property Across Site; Rules on Use of Motorized Carts

Policy Changes: Transport of Lab Property Across Site; Rules on Use of Motorized Carts

Jefferson Lab management recently approved changes to the Property Manual and the Administration Manual regarding:

-- A new policy statement permitting the transport of small, JLab items and/or materials around the lab in lab vehicles and privately owned vehicles. The onsite transport of lab property - small items that can be moved in a cart or on a vehicle seat is now allowed. (This update will be posted in the new version of the Property Manual due out in the near future.)

-- Updated and expanded policy and procedures regarding the use of all lab motorized carts (golf carts, utility carts, etc.) Some of this information will be incorporated into the new version of the Property Manual; the rest will go into the Admin. Manual.)

See all the full changes below. These changes are in effect; however, they haven't yet been posted in the applicable manual.

The property manual policy regarding transporting property on site has been changed to:

3.15 Transporting Property On Site
Jefferson Lab provides multiple vehicles (trucks, self-propelled electric carts, manually propelled industrial tricycles, etc.) of various quantities that are sufficient to transport lab/government materials, equipment, tools and supplies from place to place on site. Lab provided vehicles shall be the first mode of transportation used. JLab personnel electing to use their privately owned vehicles (POVs), do so at their own risk of damage to the POV, hence, such use should be limited to small items, (e.g. hand tools or other items that could fit on the seat) to provide mobility to locations around site to perform work when lab vehicles are not available. There are no provisions for reimbursement for mileage for the use of POVs on site.

JLab Electric or Gasoline Powered Golf/Utility Carts
(Motorized Equipment)

Rules for Use
• All JLab electric or gasoline powered carts shall be used for official use only.
- Carts are not intended for use as transportation to recreational activities or for non-business purposes.
• Carts may be operated by JLab staff, authorized users, and contract labor when cart use is included in their contract. Operators must possess a valid state-issued driver's license and observe all Virginia vehicle traffic laws such as lane changes, stop signs, and stop bars. Drivers must be age 18 and over to operate a cart.
• Jefferson Lab has been declared a no passing zone; carts may not pass other vehicles and should not be passed.
• Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.
• No cart shall be operated with more passengers than seating.
• All occupants in the cart shall keep hands, arms, legs and feet within the confines of the cart at all times when the cart is in motion.
• Use of cell phones, personal digital assistants or similar devices while driving a cart is prohibited. Pull off the road to use these devices.
• Always make sure there is no person or obstructions behind the cart before backing up.
• Carts should be operated only on campus roadways or other cart-designated pathways or areas. Avoid operating carts on lawns, sidewalks, or off road conditions unless the cart is specifically designed for such use.
• Driving off JLab property such as on Hogan Road or the sidewalk along Jefferson is prohibited.
• Approach sharp or blind corners as well as confined or congested areas with caution and reduced speed.
• Only park in motorized cart or vehicular parking spaces.
• Carts not in use shall be left with the cart control lever in the park position, brake engaged, with key removed and returned to the key watcher or sign out location.
• Smoking is not permitted while operating a cart.
Carts operated between ½ hour before sunset and ½ hour after sunrise must be operated with headlights turned on.

Assignment of Carts
• Carts shall not be assigned to individual JLab employees; all transportation equipment shall be used, on a priority basis to transport materials and equipment. The exception is carts assigned to buildings for group use.
• A small number of passenger carts will be assigned to an employee pool at JLab business centers: CEBAF Center, Support Service Center (formerly the VARC), TEDF and ARC for tours and group transport.
- Carts may be signed out by authorized JLab staff, users, and contract labor.
- JLab Public Affairs has priority use of the 10-passenger cart for scheduled tours and is located at the Central Material Storage Area.
• Keys to each individual piece of equipment will be controlled by electronic key box, or by a control log under the responsibility of a JLab employee.
- Keys will be issued and controlled on a first-come-first-serve basis.
- Keys to all carts at the TED facility will be controlled at a central electronic key box by JLab Fleet Management.
Modifications and Maintenance
• All inspection, maintenance, and repair shall be performed by or approved by JLab Fleet maintenance personnel. Equipment shall not be modified without approval from the JLab Fleet Manager.
• JLab property shall not be marked or personalized in any way other than with fleet management markings to identify the equipment as Lab property and for inventory control purposes.

Motorized Equipment Frequently Asked Questions
Who can use JLab Carts? Drivers of JLab carts must be JLab badged staff, authorized users, and authorized contract labor.

What type of training is required for JLab Carts?
• GEN 400: Local Driving Conditions for JLab Fleet Vehicles: Required for all JLab government vehicle and motorized equipment drivers.
• GEN 400kd: Tunnel Cart Safety Instruction: Required for all drivers of JLab tunnel carts.

Who determines "Official Use" at JLab? Responsible managers, supervisors, and group leaders determine official business.

How are utility cart keys controlled? Keys are maintained in key watcher cabinets in the buildings the assigned group is located or at a sign out clipboard. Spare keys are maintained with the JLab Material Handling Coordinator (Manny Nevarez). Each assigned equipment custodian is responsible for controlling cart keys. Managers of equipment custodians are responsible to ensure keys are accessible only to persons authorized to conduct official JLab business. The Material Handling Coordinator can be reached at phone: 876-1745 to assist with key issues. Making additional keys to JLab vehicles is prohibited.

How do I get a temporary cart or rental for work at JLab? Temporary equipment must be approved by JLab Management. Requests are processed through the Facilities Management and Logistics Director.

How are utility carts inspected, maintained, cleaned & repaired? FM&L inspects all JLab fleet vehicles on a monthly basis checking safety items, noting unusual wear & tear, recording hourly use, and signs of misuse & abuse. Drivers and work groups should report mechanical and servicing problems through the FM&L Work Request System to receive prompt service. The Material Handling Coordinator at 876-1745 or Vehicle Mechanic at 528-7158 will coordinate maintenance, servicing, hot swaps with drivers and JLab work centers.

Are drivers insured while driving JLab Fleet utility carts? JLab employees are covered by JLab's vehicle liability insurance. Contract laborers are required to be covered by their company's vehicle liability insurance. Arrangements must be made with the Chief Financial Officer for those not covered. Cost of repairs will be the responsibility of the work group who caused the damage and will be responsible for paying any deductibles. Drivers who are determined to have exercised gross negligence will be personally responsible for the cost of repairs.

How are repeat offenders and problem drivers held accountable? Drivers who misuse and/or abuse JLab vehicles will not be permitted to drive JLab vehicles by the Vehicle Control Officer. Drivers are subject to immediate suspension of driving privileges, corrective action, or other appropriate consequence.

What is Misuse & Abuse? Examples of misuse are using the vehicle for private business, personal errands, or recreation. Driving off JLab property such as on Hogan Road is prohibited. Others include overloading a cart with too many passengers or equipment, operating it in terrain and conditions the cart is not designed for, using JLab carts for non-business purposes repeatedly taking keys home, or not returning them promptly.

"Abuse" is where a responsible driver does/or does not do something to a cart that results in it being taken out of operation, and/or requiring added resources to restore the cart to safe routine use. Some examples include: damaging a cart bed or mounted equipment with too heavy a load, damaging a vehicle in rough terrain, fouling or damaging equipment in a way where maintenance cannot be performed, or where others will not operate it (spilling solvents, smoking in the cab, or not reporting obvious damage to the vehicle).

Charge-backs: Costs of repairs, de-fouling, in-depth cleaning, and custom work specified by a work group, or special commercial services required to restore equipment to safe operation will be the responsibility of the work group, contractor, or person who caused the added expense.

Defensive driving training: According to The Hartford Insurance Company nearly 95 percent of all collisions are caused by driver error. U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) offers the National Safety Council's Online Defensive Driving Course in a four hour course designed to provide convenient training on a personal computer. Drivers analyze real driving, spot driving hazards, and identify the correct defenses. Upon completion, students receive a watermarked certificate from the National Safety Council, which, in many states may be used to lower insurance rates. This course is convenient and has memory recall where students can pick up where they left off. The course is available to all drivers.

The GSA's link to the training is at: https://drivethru.fas.gsa.gov/drivethru/fdt9001
• Plug in JLab Use ID: #03040089374G401.
• Select Department of Energy.

Completion of this course is mandatory for JLab fleet (vehicle and cart) drivers found at fault in a collision. A copy of the completion certificate must be provided to the JLab Vehicle Control Officer before JLab fleet driving privileges are restored.

JLab's complete vehicle policy is in Part 6, Vehicles & Motor Equipment in the JLab Property Management Policy and Procedures Manual in pdf format online at: http://www.jlab.org/fm/property/property_manual.pdf

This message is on behalf of Jefferson Lab's Facilities Management and Logistics.


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