Pothole Patching Work to Start April 25

Pothole Patching Work to Start April 25

Beginning Thursday, April 25, work will begin to repair a few potholes on JLab roadway surfaces.

As part of the work beginning on April 25, a portion of concrete walkway near the pothole on the east side of the CEBAF Center Circle will be saw cut. Everyone is asked to keep their distance from this construction area.

The subcontractor is scheduled to saw cut asphalt at three pothole locations, beginning before noon on April 25 (weather permitting). Disruption to traffic will be minimal. However traffic will be reduced to one lane in each area during periods of repair work; and the work near the CEBAF Center circle will require one lane to be closed for two or three days. 

Potholes to be patched include:

  1. Near CEBAF Center Circle (just east of the circle). The concrete walkway also is to be repaired;
  2. Pothole in Rattley Road near Residence Facility entrance; and
  3. Pothole in parking area near Building 19.

If you have any questions, please call Suresh Chandra, Facilities Management and Logistics, at ext. 7248.

For more details, visit the webpage listed below: