Power Outage Tonight and this Weekend

Power Outage Tonight and this Weekend

Tonight and tomorrow, Aug. 13 and 14, several JLab buildings will experience short-term power outages in support of the TEDF construction project. Both CEBAF Center, Bldg. 12, and the EEL, Bldg. 90, will lose power at 5:30 p.m. today and should have power restored by 10 p.m. The Test Lab and Buildings 52, 57, 59 and surrounding buildings will lose power on Saturday at 7 a.m., with power being restored by 5 p.m.

Please don’t attempt to enter any building while the power is off to that building.

If you work in any of the facilities that will experience power outages this evening or over the weekend, before leaving today:

-- Completely shut down your computer, turn off your UPS (uninterruptable power supply) box and if possible, unplug the box from the wall outlet.

-- Turn off and unplug unnecessary electrical equipment, i.e. lamps, office lights, office equipment.

-- Leave refrigerators and copy machines and printers on. If a copy machine or printer is off-line on Monday morning, please reboot it. Call the Copy Center, ext. 7666 if it isn’t working after rebooting it.

-- Make sure your office wastebasket and recycling container is convenient for Housekeeping to access this evening.

-- CEBAF Center and EEL occupants need to complete these steps by 5 p.m. today and depart these two facilities by 5:15 p.m. today.

Scientific Computing Outage
Due to the weekend power outage, all Scientific Computing servers and batch farm systems will be shut down by 4 p.m. today, Aug. 13. The systems should be back up by late Saturday evening. All users are asked to plan work accordingly.

Additional Information
For a detailed description of the Campus power outage, and Test Lab south wall removal work set to begin, please see the “Jefferson Lab Campus Power Outage” and “Test Lab South Wall Removal” documents posted on the Construction Corner portlet on the Insight page (https://misportal.jlab.org/InsightWebProject/login.jsp ), or visit the individual pdf links:

Jefferson Lab Campus Power Outage:

Test Lab South Wall Removal:

The next week will be very busy with contractors working on several major projects: 12 GeV Upgrade, TEDF construction, and various infrastructure and utilities projects, in addition to the summer scheduled accelerator down getting underway. Please pay attention to safety and to your environment. Please heed all construction cones, tapes, barricades and signage. Don’t park in unmarked areas or along roads.

The “Flag Alley” section of SURA Road is currently closed and will remain closed until Aug. 21; this is the stretch between the CEBAF Center Circle and BCS Road. For other construction notices, please visit the Construction Corner portlet on Insight.

Jefferson Lab will be open for normal business on Monday. Quark Cafe will be open, as usual, for breakfast.

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