Presence of Magnetic Field in Hall D - effective April 22, 2013

Hall D at Jefferson Lab will commence with powered operations of the superconducting solenoid this afternoon (Monday, April 22, 2013).

Due to this operation, an additional hazard that is new to Hall D is the magnetic field generated from the magnet. The hall will be posted as a 5 Gauss area for the duration of the commissioning.

This means anyone with medical reasons to avoid magnetic fields should not enter Hall D for the next several weeks.

There will be flashing beacons and signs at both entrances to Hall Dindicating the presence of a magnetic field.

Questions regarding work during this operation should be directed to the Hall D work coordinator, Tom Carstens, 757-876-3940, or his designee. This week, please contact Mark Stevens, cell 757-310-1576.

Tim Whitlatch
Hall D Engineer
Jefferson Lab
12050 Jefferson Ave ste 402
Newport News, Va 23606