Pressure Systems classes available

Pressure Systems classes available

The Lab Pressure Systems Committee will offer classes on the new ES&H Manual chapter 6151, Pressure Systems, in late February.  There are two morning classes (Feb 26th and 28th, 10 am - 12 pm) designed required for all those who engineer, design, fabricate, procure or operate pressure systems.  These classes will provide broad and basic information about the chapter and its appendices. 

Additionally, two afternoon classes (1:30 pm - 3:30 pm) on these same days will cover the material in more depth; focusing on the chapter's technical appendices and is required for design authorities (engineers) and selected others who are directly involved with pressure system engineering and design.  Those who plan to attend an afternoon session MUST complete a morning session first. In summary, everyone who designs, fabricates, procures or operates pressure systems must attend one of the morning sessions.

Further, if you wish to become a design authority you must also attend one of the afternoon sessions.  Design authority status will not be granted to anyone who has not attended both a morning and afternoon session.  All four classes are in ARC 231-233.  Register by opening, clicking on 'All On-site Training,' finding the class you prefer, and pressing register."

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