Property Custodian: Complete Property Validation & Refresher Training by April 15

Property Custodian: Complete Property Validation & Refresher Training by April 15

  1. Jefferson Lab's 2010 property validation process began April 1 and
    runs through April 15. During this period, all property custodians must
    complete a property validation for all items on their property list.
    Nearly every staff member is a property custodian. A property custodian
    may have one item or more than 100 assigned to him or her. For instance,
    if you have a JLab computer, you are a property custodian.

    During the annual validation period, each custodian must "validate" all
    of the items on his or her inventory list. Like last year, custodians
    will be asked to state the general condition of their assigned property:
    "good," "fair" or "poor." Guidance for determining property condition is
    provided on your property validation webpage.

  2. Also during this time, all property custodians must take the
    Property Custodian Refresher GEN 150 training (about 5 minutes). The
    training can be accessed directly from this link:

    Or you may go to the web-based training page:
    . Click on
    Property Custodian Refresher to access the training.

  3. Report Lost, Misplaced Property

    The Property Policy Manual Section 3.16 states: If property cannot be
    located during the validation, custodians must report the missing
    property (including: borrowed, user owned and property in the possession
    of subcontractors) to the Jefferson Lab Property Officer by email

Immediately following this initial notification, the custodian must
initiate a Jefferson Lab Missing Item Report (available on the Property
Management webpage at: and then
route the report through their Division Management.

Division Management shall investigate the loss and include the following
elements in the report:

  • Why property cannot be located
  • Actions taken to locate property
  • Actions to prevent recurrence of loss.

The Missing Item Report with Division Management comments must then be
forwarded to:
Jefferson Lab Property Manager
Mail Stop 28G
Fax 269-5835

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