Property Custodians: Expired Property Passes Must be Closed Out

Jefferson Lab Property Passes are used by Property Custodians, and the Property Management Office, to track and provide authorization for lab property to be taken off of JLab premises for temporary periods. Property Passes are used to document the movement of everything from laptop computers and devices used for displays at public events and speaking engagements, to equipment being sent away for repairs.

A Property Pass is typically good for 12 months from the start date on the pass.

There currently exists a number of expired Property Passes in the lab’s Property Management System. These expired passes need to be either Closed Out and archived or Renewed.

Here’s how to determine if you have Expired Property Passes, and, if so, how to close them out.

  • From your JLab computer, copy and paste this link into your Internet Provider URL line:
  • Click on Search in the menu on the left.
    • Enter your name in the Submitted By field.
    • Then select Expired in the Inactive Status field on the right.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Search button, located on the lower left.
  • The screen that comes up will list any Expired Property Passes you have.
  • Review each Expired pass. To Close Out Expired passes, send the following information via email to:
    • The Expired Property Pass number
    • The Property Tag number of each item listed in the Expired pass
    • And the current location of each item (building number and room number). Or, if the item has been Excessed, state Excessed, in place of providing the location.

You will receive an email after the updates have been accomplished.

If an Expired pass needs to be Renewed, open that Expired pass, scroll down and click on the Renew This Form button. A new version of the Property Pass form will open up; fill in the fields that need to be updated and then scroll down and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

You should receive an email letting you know that the pass has been submitted for review and approval.

Expired passes that have been renewed should be left in your listing.

All Expired Property Passes assigned to you must be reviewed and either Closed Out or Renewed before the DOE audit being scheduled for this summer.

Questions may be directed to Property Specialist, Danielle Tarver, or Property Manager, Christian Whalen, at