Property Management and Cyber Security

Property Management and Cyber Security

Over the last year, the Federal Government, including the Department of Energy, has encountered serious challenges involving the lost of government property and sensitive information. Please note that you are responsible to report any lost, missing or stolen government property. It is also your responsibility to report any loss or compromise of sensitive information including personally identifiable information (PII).

Detailed explanation of your property responsibilities are in the Jefferson Lab Property Policy and Procedures Manual ( ).

Your responsibilities for cyber security are found on the Computer Center Security website ( ).

Key among these responsibilities is the following:

  • The lost or theft of a laptop, PDA, USB memory stick, or similar memory device must be reported to immediately to property office Joan Campbell 269-7348 or after hours 269-5822.
  • The loss or compromise of other types of sensitive information must be reported within one business day to the Jefferson Lab Helpdesk (757-269-7155) who will contact appropriate security personnel. During non-working hours, contact the Jefferson Lab security guards at 757-269-5822 if the loss is critical.
  • Other missing property must be reported in two business days.
  • All hard drives or all other non-volatile memory devices must be disposed through the property office including warranty returns.
  • Property cannot be removed from the lab with prior authorization from property office.
  • All property must be disposed through the property office--- including contacting the office before cannibalizing an item for parts.

Safekeeping of the taxpayer's property is a fundamental employee responsibility.

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