Property Management Announces New Initiatives

Property Management Announces New Initiatives

Unneeded materials

The Department of Energy has mandated a program to eliminate "Unneeded Material and Chemicals" located on all the various DOE facilities by 2011. The definition of "unneeded material" is material for which there is no documented project that will consumed the material within the next year. The program calls for identification of this unneeded mater, preparation of a formal plan, and annual progress reports.

Space and money are prized at every Lab. Budget continuing resolutions pull additional pressure on any budget.

To make progress on all three issues the Technical Stockroom in cooperation with Procurement will be collecting commodities that do not have a planned use within the next 12 months and making them available for use elsewhere at the Lab. The material will be placed in .Free Stock. and can be access through the Technical Stockroom. Availability in .Free Stock. will be checked prior to purchasing additional material using a purchase request or purchase card.

The first commodity identified that will be placed in .Free Stock. is wire and cable. Spools of wire and cable shall be marked with project and anticipated date of use. Technical Stockroom staff will start collecting unmarked wire 16 January 2007and entering the description and quantity into a database. Once entered, materials on-hand will be checked before purchasing new. Contact Bill Brisiel and Ext 7233 or Tom Briggs at Ext 5430 for more information.

Tool Crib

Any underutilized tools and specialized equipment identified from across the Lab will be used to set-up a Tool Crib that will be shared or used across the broader JLab community. JLab staff and users will be able to sign out items in the Tool Crib to carry out their work at JLab. Contact Bill Brisiel and Ext 7233 or Tom Briggs at Ext 5430 for more information.

Supply and Part Runs

Parts arrive daily from our suppliers to allow us to perform our work Our first option is to take the maximum advantage of the delivery service offered by many of the local and national suppliers. There are times when parts are needed on more urgent basis. Lab vehicles may not be available to make the needed parts run.

Beginning the week of 16 January 2007 Property Management will make supply and parts runs to local vendors on a daily basis. The "purchase" would be handled through procurement or using a credit card with the order called in or faxed. Pickups will normally be made within 24 hours of the request. Please contact Joan Holloway at Ext 7348 to use this service.

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