Property Management Memo

Property Management Memo

Property management at Jefferson Lab requires everyone's attention. Good property management is important for several reasons. It is cost effective, shows forethought and planning, and demonstrates to the Department of Energy and taxpayers that JLab is a good steward of the resources it receives.

Over the last couple years, DOE has strengthened a number of its requirements regarding the purchasing, use, oversight, management, movement, transfer and disposal of equipment and materials purchased with government money. These requirements determine how we must handle a broad range of equipment, materials and even supplies, starting with the initial ordering process and continuing through to end use, recycling and disposal.

It's important to remember that the cost of equipment, materials and supplies extends beyond acquisition to include handling and storage. Even in final disposal, waste streams are produced and we need to be aware of all the costs associated with handling those wastes and their final disposal. Good property management makes good fiscal sense and can help make our work areas safer.

For the Lab to do an effective job of managing government property, all of us at JLab must manage equipment, materials and supplies that we procure or for which we are custodians. This is an important part of everyone's job. In fact, this is so important that the Lab's Employee Performance Appraisal System now requires a supervisor's input stating how well an individual maintains the property assigned to him or her.

Property management requirements are presented in the Jefferson Lab Property Management Policy and Procedures document issued September 28, 2006. The document defines the appropriate use of government facilities, tools, supplies, material and equipment used by Lab employees, Users and subcontractors. Every Property Custodian - whether you are responsible for 1 item or 200 items - should spend some time reviewing the Property policy and procedure and the features and information available on the Property Office web.

During February 2008, as part of our property requirements, all JLab Property Custodians will need to complete an annual validation on all sensitive items and equipment valued at $5000 (or greater) assigned to them. In April Jefferson Lab property staff will conduct the annual physical property inventory. This year the inventory will include all property classified as "sensitive or high risk."

Finally, I would like to close by reminding you that you can report any possible instances of JLab waste, fraud or abuse directly to your supervisor or by calling the Jefferson Lab waste, fraud and abuse hotline at (757) 269-7137.

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