Publications Review and Reporting

Publications Review and Reporting

To: All Jefferson Lab Staff and Users

From: Christoph Leemann, JLab Director

The generation of high-quality scientific knowledge and its dissemination is a vital part of our mission and has a significant impact on our future and support. Documentation of our activities through publications and communications, and its reporting, is an important responsibility for all of us.

In the past, many JLab publications have not gone through or completed the publication review process; for example:

  • Abstracts that have not been replaced with the written papers and/or posters, or removed when the paper has been withdrawn
  • Papers that have not gone through or completed the approval process
  • Journal submissions where the submitted draft has not been replaced with the published paper and its reference information

The result is reduced representation of work produced by JLab authors. This needs to change.

Please log into the Publications website located at: and update any or all of your publications, and commit to do so routinely and periodically. For assistance, call Kim Kindrew, Publications Manager, at ext. 7805.

As a reminder, invited talks given at conferences or colloquiums also need to be included into the publication database. To satisfy the DOE reporting requirements, when an invited or contributed talk is subsequently published in a journal, the journal version and its reference information also needs to be uploaded into the database.

As an author, it is your responsibility to follow JLab's procedures for producing papers for outside publication. Papers include journal submissions, conference presentations, posters and talks, and e- or pre-prints. The process for submission approval can be reviewed at In particular, it is the laboratory policy that any paper that includes a JLab staff member as one of the authors must go through our internal review process.

Additionally, the review process is not simply an administrative exercise. It is the responsibility of the reviewers to do a thorough review of each paper for accuracy and relevance, as well as for readability. In order to allow enough time for a meaningful review of papers, the review process needs to be initiated sufficiently in advance of the submission deadline; this is a particular concern for submission to conferences when a large number of papers are sent for review at the very last minute.

Finally, duplication of previously presented information is discouraged, although submission to PRST-AB and NIM of extended versions of papers presented at conferences is encouraged. Also encouraged is the deposition of preprints to ArXiv at


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