Qualification Cards - Effective 6/1/08

Qualification Cards - Effective 6/1/08

Attention All Employees:

JLab is supplementing our ES&H training qualification tracking system with Qualification Cards. These cards will make it easier to immediately confirm that a given employee has the basic knowledge and/or skills to perform safely in certain positions and jobs. Everyone who is assigned a 'Qual Card' should have one in his or her possession by June 1, 2008. To determine if you should have a Qual Card, go to the left column of the Insight page in the Personal Information section and click "Training-Related Skills..." If you are assigned a qual card, there will be a section at the top of the page called "Competencies." Click on the Print link which will open your word processing program. From there, you can print your card. Your DSO or the ESH&Q Division Administrative Assistant has plastic sleeves in which the Qual Cards fit. For a quick tutorial on qual cards, including step-by-step printing instructions, click here.

If you have specific questions or any difficulty with the qual card process, contact Bruce Ullman at ext. 7170.




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