Radioactive Material Disposal

Radioactive Material Disposal

radconRadcon is implementing a new policy during the Winter Scheduled Accelerator Down. "Radcon" waste cans for disposal of radioactive material will be placed in beam enclosure areas and certain buildings where work with radioactive material occurs. These waste bins are for disposal of beamline and other hardware that is known/expected to be radioactive. The bins are labeled with reminders about prohibited materials. Do not dispose of materials in these containers that is not potentially radioactive (items that were not subject to activation), or any items listed on the prohibited items list. Standard (non-radiological) waste cans in these locations should be used for materials known not to be radioactive (materials not subject to beam-on conditions).

The containers will be placed in the following locations:
North Linac
South Linac
Halls A, B, C
Physics Storage Building
Test Lab

Radcon will check the bins routinely. For disposal of large items, contact Radcon directly. If you have any questions about use of the containers, contact David Hamlette at 876-1743.


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