Radiological Control Manager Is Announced

Radiological Control Manager Is Announced

The appointment of Dr. Vaclav "Vashek" Vylet as the new radiological control manager at JLab was announced today by Craig R. Ferguson, the lab's associate director of safety.

Vylet, who will begin his new duties on July 23, is currently the associate director of the Radiation Safety Division at Duke University and Duke Medical Center. There, he has broad radiological responsibilities to support accelerator radiation protection programs, including the Duke Free Electron Laser Laboratory and Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory.

Prior to joining Duke in 1998, Vylet was a health physicist at SLAC. He also has supported Radiation Controls efforts at Fermilab, Institut de Radiophysique Appliquee in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Czech Technical University. Complementing his practical radiological control experience, Vylet has significant expertise in radiation detection, radiation shielding and transport codes.

"In making this appointment, I also would like to publicly recognize and thank Keith Welch for the terrific job he has done as the interim radiological control manager," Ferguson said.

"Keith will continue to serve as the deputy radiological control manager, where his experience and talent will be critical to the sustained success of this group, and the laboratory. I appreciate your support of Vashek, Keith and the Radiological Control organization as we put in place the top-notch organization to suit the needs of Jefferson Lab well in to the future."



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