Radiological work stand-down this coming Friday

Radiological work stand-down this coming Friday

A number of recent events seem to indicate less than adequate adherence to the processes the Lab has put in place to control radioactive or potentially radioactive materials. This situation needs the immediate attention by every radiation worker at the Lab. To that end, I am taking the following actions:

1. On Friday, September 21, 2007 I suspend all work with a radiological component, i.e. all work in radiologically controlled areas or on radioactive materials by staff or users qualified as radiation workers. On that day, all qualified radiation workers on site will attend a mandatory session in the CEBAF Center auditorium to review recent events, root causes and corrective actions. Three sessions will be scheduled in order to handle the number of attendees:

Session 1 0900 . 1000 for last names starting with A through F

Session 2 1300 . 1400 for last names starting with G through M

Session 3 1400 . 1500 for last names starting with N through Z

2. Radiation workers will be required to read a document that provides a review of requirements for control of radioactive and potentially radioactive material. The material also provides a link to the General Access Radiation Work Permit, the document that sets requirements for work in radiologically controlled areas on the accelerator site, and makes reference to additional information. This required reading will be electronically distributed no later than Friday, September 21. All radiation workers must read and electronically sign by COB September 28, 2007. Individual training plans (ITP) will be updated automatically. Previously qualified radiation workers who did not complete and sign the required reading by COB September 28, 2007 will have their dosimeter removed until they have met this requirement.

3. Supervisors will be reminded of their duty to review and explicitly authorize tasks involving radiological work and to ensure that appropriate work review and controls are in place, including the plan for removal and control of potentially radioactive material.

4. ADs and Division Heads will review their division/department progress at the Monday priority meetings.

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