REAL ID Act Update as of Aug. 21, 2015

REAL ID Act Update as of Aug. 21, 2015

In March of 2015, Jefferson Lab began implementing the REAL ID Act (Public Law 109-13).

The Act, managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, determines which state and territory driver’s licenses can be presented and accepted as a valid ID document for access to federal facilities, including Jefferson Lab.

While most state and federal territory ID cards comply with REAL ID Act requirements, there are a handful of states/territories that are not yet in compliance or full compliance.

Information about the REAL ID Act, and the current status of each state and territory is provided at:

The REAL ID Act:

  •  Establishes minimum standards for the production and issuance of state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards.
  • Prohibits Federal agencies from accepting for official uses driver’s licenses and identity cards from states unless the Department of Homeland Security determines that the state meets the standards. Official uses are defined as accessing Federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and boarding federally-regulated commercial aircraft.

The Law impacts which state-issued driver’s licenses can be accepted as a valid ID document.

On March 13, Jefferson Lab began implementation of the REAL ID Act for verification of all driver’s licenses presented to fulfill Lab access ID requirements. This includes individuals escorted on the accelerator site. Once fully implemented, Jefferson Lab cannot accept, as a valid form of ID, a driver’s license from any states/territories found by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security not in compliance with the REAL ID Act. All other current Lab ID and access requirements, per our Security Plan, remain the same. Information on the Real ID Requirement will be included in all correspondence to visitors.

Other forms of acceptable valid ID documents in lieu of a driver’s license from these states/territories can be found at the following link:

Please refer questions to Kris A. Burrows, JLab Security officer, 757-269-7548.