Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

The summer may be vacation time for many people, but at Jefferson Lab it is review time - a chance to prove to DOE and the larger scientific community just how good we are. In the last month, we have undergone two crucial reviews. Last week, the DOE brought an international team to carry out our annual Science and Technology Review. This is the most substantive single input into our annual report card. A second review, the Annual Review of our 12 GeV Upgrade Project was held on June 27-28. Good performance at both of these is crucial to our future.

I am pleased to report that both reviews were outstanding successes. We all benefit from such success and I would like to thank all of you who helped prepare for these critical reviews and also those who made excellent presentations at the reviews. Many people went far beyond the usual expectations, from actual presenters and users, to staff in a support role, the copy center, and catering. Your dedication did not go unnoticed by the reviewers. Thank you all very much.

Finally, to continue our success, I would like to ask everyone to think carefully about your workplace and dedicate yourself to going home as fit and well as you arrive. Your safety and well being are important to us all. Please don't put yourself or your colleagues at risk.

Anthony Thomas
Acting Lab Director


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