Remember to Check/Use New E-Commerce System

Remember to Check/Use New E-Commerce System

Feb. 5, 2013

With the launch of Jefferson Lab's new E-Commerce system on Jan. 10, JLab staff members are asked to first check the E-Commerce system for their desired product before writing a purchase requisition.

Procurement will return to the originator all requisitions for products which are available via E-Commerce.

If you aren't familiar with the new E-Commerce system, please refer to this link:

- Sign in using your JLab username and password.

- Select "Help" from the Menu on the left for Instructions and other information.

- Select "Shop" from the Menu list when you are ready to begin shopping.

- While shopping, if you encounter a problem or need assistance finding an item, click on the "Contact" tab and contact the Government Scientific Source (GSS) representative using the phone number/email provided on the page.

- The E-Commerce link is also available from the INSIGHT page. Click on the E-Commerce + Stockroom link in the Popular Applications portal.

Important Note: A popular vendor, McMaster-Carr, isn't participating in the E-Commerce system. Purchases from McMaster-Carr of less than $1,000 should be placed using a JLab P-Card. If no one in your work group has a P-Card, please speak with your supervisor about obtaining one.

Since the launch of the E-Commerce system we have received positive feedback from many who attended the training. With your support, we are confident of the continued success of this system.

Thank you,

Lynn McKnight

Procurement Manager

Jefferson Lab

Phone: 757-269-7603


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