Reminder: Automatic Installation of Microsoft Office 2007

Reminder: Automatic Installation of Microsoft Office 2007

Tonight, the Computer Center will install Office 2007 on all Computer Center managed Windows systems that haven't already installed it. *Non-Windows systems, including Unix-based systems such as Mac OS X and Linux, will not be affected.

Linux users should use the Windows terminal servers for opening Office 2007 documents. Directions for using the terminal server can be found at:

Mac OS X users can install Microsoft Office 2008 by copying the installation discs from the Macintosh applications folder on the site server and following the installer instructions. It is suggested that users remove Office 2004 with the "Remove Office" utility (located in the Microsoft 2004 Application folder on your computer's hard drive) before installing Office 2008.

To install Office 2008 for the Mac, do the following:

  1. From the "Finder", select the "Go" menu
  2. Select "Connect to Server"
  3. Connect to smb://jlabsite/site
  4. Input your JLab/CUE username and password when prompted
  5. Follow the path: SW_Dist/Apple/MacOSX/Office2008
  6. Copy the following file to your desktop:
  7. Open the ISO image and follow the installation instructions
  8. After the installation is complete, unmount the ISO image from the "Finder" and delete the installation file:


Note: To preserve backward compatibility, Office 2007/2008 users can choose "Save As" and select an earlier Office format. As always, should you encounter difficulties with your computer, call or visit the Computer Center Help Desk, x7155 or CEBAF Center F200.

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