Reminder - Performance Appraisal Activation

Reminder - Performance Appraisal Activation

Dear Colleagues,

By the end of the day, all supervisors should have performance appraisals activated for their employees. In order to maintain our timeline for completion, we need everyone who has not activated appraisals to take this opportunity to do so. Once activated, employees can begin working on their self assessments and have until next Friday, 8/15/08 to complete the form.

For more information on the timeline or process, refer to the Appraisal System link on the Insight Page. As a reminder, performance appraisals can be accessed off-site by obtaining a PIN from HR. If you need further assistance, please contact Bruce Ullman at ext. 7170, Jennifer Earnest at ext. 7663 or Nina Farrish at ext. 7068.


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