Required Instructions for all International Visitors to Jefferson Lab

Required Instructions for all International Visitors to Jefferson Lab

Aug. 6, 2008

Federal Laws and Jefferson Lab’s contract with the U.S. Department of Energy requires the laboratory to follow certain rules with respect to non-U.S. citizen’s access to Jefferson Lab.  The requirements are very straightforward and must be followed before access is provided to JLab facilities.  The requirements vary depending on the length of stay, location at the lab, visa status and country of origin.  Everybody is required to have valid picture identification for presentation at all times.  Acceptable ID’s for all foreign nationals accessing JLab facilities include one or a combination of the following: current passport with supporting visa documentation, green card, state driver’s license issued within the U.S., and not bearing the statement “not to be used for identification purposes,” DOE badge, or U.S. military ID card.  Foreign Consulate issued ID cards such as the Mexican Matricula Consular ARE NOT accepted at Jefferson Lab and access WILL NOT be permitted using this type of ID.


One day visitors.  Valid picture ID, JLab host to vouch for access.   JLab staff who are citizens of Sensitive countries limited in who they can host and staff who are citizens of Terrorist Sponsored Countries cannot host or escort others.  Specific country information is included at:
Short-term visitors.  More than 1-day access requires registration at the VARC, Building 28, valid picture ID, verification of visa and immigration documents and if applicable, authority to work.  Business or research scholar visas are required for international visitors to work or conduct research at JLab.  Tourists’ visas are not accepted for access to JLab facilities. Tourists may participate in scheduled Public Affairs tours, but they cannot work or conduct research activities, volunteer, or be escorted into work areas of the lab.  JLab considers U.S. Customs & Border Patrol decisions based on status appeals to be final.  Visitors whose appeals for status change do not go in their favor will be required to leave JLab property. 
Assignees, i.e. long-term visitors.  Onsite access of 30 days or more requires full registration at the VARC, Building 28, valid picture ID, verification of visa and immigration documents, and if appropriate authority to work in the U.S.  
Public areas/Public Affairs tours.  For foreign interaction purposes Public Affairs tours and space used for meetings, conferences, and workshops in CEBAF CENTER are designated as public areas to enhance scientific inter-change.  The public areas include the atrium, Quark Cafe, auditorium, conference rooms, rest rooms and connecting hallways during core business hours Mondays through Fridays.   Foreign Nationals attending workshops and conferences are limited to these public areas unless they check-in at the VARC with proper ID and declare business purposes with JLab sponsorship.  Access procedures to CEBAF Center during this period are streamlined to encourage interaction and to promote information exchange during scheduled gatherings and officially sponsored tours.  However, the exterior doors remain access controlled at all times to ensure those who enter the building have a purpose for entry.  Those who misrepresent themselves, or misuse the facilities may be barred from future access to the facility.
Campus work areas. CEBAF Center official business areas include personal offices, office modules, clean rooms, computer rooms, file rooms, utility/phone/network rooms, and copying centers.  All remaining facilities on the campus are work areas and require official business for access.
Inside the Accelerator gate.   Access for more than 1-day requires registration at VARC, valid picture ID, verification of visa and immigration documents, and if applicable authority to work in the U.S.  Those who misrepresent themselves or are detected abusing the 1-day access rule may be barred from lab access.

NATIONS WITH STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM (T-5)Access by those who are not U.S. citizens and whose country of origin is Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria must have written DOE Undersecretary of Science’s approval before accessing JLab property.

JLAB FOREIGN VISITS & ASSIGNMENTS PROGRAM OFFICIALS.  The following JLab employees are appointed by the DOE Site Office Manager and Laboratory Director to administer JLab’s program and to provide advice to hosts of international visitors.  
                Jim Turi/Scott Mallette – Local Concurrence for T-5 Nationals
                Roy Whitney/Mike Dallas – Local Approval
                Kris Burrows/Rusty Sprouse – Physical Security, Export Control, Counterintelligence
                Sue Ewing/Shauna Cannella – Immigration
                Jim Boyce/Joe Scarcello – Technology Transfer
DOE & JLAB HOSTING GUIDES.  Further information on hosting internationals for access to JLab can be found at
Additional information regarding the JLab security program is in employee and user training modules, posted on the Training page at ,

and in the in the JLab security plan, posted at



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