Required Reading on Workplace Harassment and Violence

Required Reading on Workplace Harassment and Violence

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past year, the Lab has benchmarked with other DOE Labs and universities on their approach to workplace harassment and violence.  We’ve interviewed scores of employees and users seeking input on what our approach to this subject should be.  We’ve worked with the city to understand the police and fire response and to solicit their advice to an active threat on our site.  Through these and other efforts, a Workplace Harassment and Violence Policy has been developed that establishes preventive measures and resources to support those who believe they may have been subjected to harassment or acts of violence in the workplace. 

All employees should click here to familiarize themselves with the required reading concerning the Lab’s Workplace Harassment and Violence Policy.

The Lab is providing guidance to all employees and users in the event there is an active threat that targets Lab employees and/or facilities.  Please review this guidance and take a few minutes to view the Department of Homeland Security video provided on its web site at You can find additional information (including training opportunities) on the DHS active shooter preparedness website (

In the event of an active shooter emergency, JLab employees should alert others by calling the following emergency numbers, if safe to do so:

At all JLab buildings:  DIAL 911, and then follow-up by calling JLab Security at 269-5822.

In addition, there are simple steps that will help all employees protect themselves and others from a dangerous situation. These are described in full in the required reading.

Human Resources