Rev. 8.2 EH&S Manual

Rev. 8.2 EH&S Manual

The EH&S Manual has been updated. For complete details regarding these changes,
please see log entry 1319492.

This update to the Manual includes the following changes:

  • Chapter 2410 Applicable Regulations and Contractual Commitments (Appendices T1, T2, T3) (L. Even)
  • Chapter 3130 The FEL Experiment Review Process (Appendices T1-T11) (G. Neil, P. Hunt)
  • Chapter 6410 Laser Safety (Appendices T1-T7) (P. Hunt)
  • Chapter 6682 Beryllium Handling and Exposure (Appendix T1) (P. Hunt)
  • Appendix 6710-T1 Internal, External, Environmental Communication (L. Even)
  • Chapter 6750 Environmentally Harmful Materials (L. Even)
  • The Environmental Protection Supplement was updated to include
    EPS-50, EPS 50-T1, and EPS 50-T2.
  • Environmental Management Procedures EMP-02 was replaced by Chapter
    2410 and EMP-06 was replaced by Appendix 6710-T1 and corresponding
    links to the EH&S Manual chapter and appendix were placed in the
    Environmental Protection Supplement.

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